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C. Pretty – Trainee teacher of Geography

After working in the travel industry for over 20 years it was a challenging transition to move to an academic and school environment.  This has been eye-opening as to what prior knowledge and experiences pupils have had.  This has especially been the case post COVID, where a number of years of education have been disrupted.

I have really enjoyed working with KS3 pupils and to be able to build relationships with pupils over time.  I have also had the opportunity to support two pupils in KS4 who were struggling with their understanding of the lesson.  The teacher asked me to teach them on a 1:1 basis so they could have an explanation of the lesson and content.  We discussed LIC debt from the World Bank and how this would hinder development.  By the end of the lesson, the pupils had a grasp of the subject.  They said they had learnt a lot and were grateful for my interactions with them.  This gave me a sense of achievement that I have progressed the student’s learning.