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D. Raju – Trainee teacher of Mathematics

Coming from a pharmaceutical industry and science background I feel as if I have achieved a lot over the past few months from the point of applying to train to teachIt has been a massive learning curveI came into teaching with the aim of being a teacher for the rest of my working life and the process so far has been very good to meThere is something about having a student say things such as “Sir, you can teach you know!” or “That was a good lesson sir!” or children stopping me in the corridor and asking if I am teaching them today.  Great constructive criticism from my mentor to progress my teaching techniques means I have been able to build good relationships with teachers and students in both placement schoolsBuilding new friendships with the other trainee teachers both through school direct and university has been important and I have been able to secure a job in December for the next school yearI feel proud of my work and progress over the last few months.