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I trained with WWLCSD as part of cohort 6 and absolutely loved being part of such a supportive and immersive training programme. I felt very well-prepared approaching my first year of teaching and have been able to confidently apply the principles of my training in every day of my career. I feel that the thorough training provided by WWLCSD really galvanised my ambition as a teacher and I have been successful so far in securing two promotions in the three years I have been teaching. In September 2021 I became our whole-school literacy coordinator and a few weeks ago I was promoted to subject leader of English for September 2023. I am hugely excited to start in this role knowing that I have had such a firm foundation to my career so far, with significant credit to the knowledge and experienced gained on my training placements. I would absolutely recommend WWLCSD as a training opportunity that nurtures its trainees into capable and ambitious professionals.